The demand for the pecan nut is growing constantly each year as the number of growers who recognize the potential for profit. The problem with pecan nuts is that they are usually involved in a large exchange until the product is finally sold to the processing plant to reach the final consumer.

Most of the time, producers are unfairly paid for their crops, which is why we are committed to create lasting relationships directly with producers so they can sell their crops directly to us.  If you are a farmer and you do not know where to sell your crop, contact us and we will not only offer you fair prices for your crop, also you will become our partner and enjoy the benefits of being our supplier.

Our services establish the industry standard, with priority management in the harvest, personal service throughout all the year and quick access to the most up-to-date industry information available. As a vertically integrated company, Pecaninis has built its leading position in the pecan nut from scratch.  We invite you to grow with us.


The Harvest


The pecan nut tree season is during the fall, from August to December.
Considering that we need short, cold winters and very hot summers, trees can only be produced in certain climates and hemispheres.
The pecan nut is produced successfully in very few parts of the world! Currently, Mexico is one of the main pecan global supplier.